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5 Fun Swimming Games to Play with Your Kids in Singapore

5 Fun Swimming Games

Swimming is a great way for families to bond and enjoy the outdoors in Singapore’s sunny weather. And while swimming laps or doing exercises can be a great workout, it’s always fun to mix things up with some exciting swimming games. Here are five fun swimming games to play with your kids in Singapore:

  1. Pool Tag Pool tag is a classic swimming game that kids of all ages can enjoy. One player is “it,” and they have to chase and tag the other players in the pool. Once a player is tagged, they become “it” and must chase the others. The last person standing wins.
  2. Relay Races Relay races are another great swimming game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Split into teams and compete to see who can swim the fastest while passing a pool noodle or ball between teammates. You can also add obstacles, such as swimming under a pool float or diving for a ring, to make the race more challenging.
  3. Marco Polo Marco Polo is a classic game that has been enjoyed in pools for generations. One player is “it” and has to close their eyes while shouting “Marco.” The other players respond with “Polo,” and the “it” player must try to tag them by following the sound of their voices. Once a player is tagged, they become “it.”
  4. Treasure Hunt A treasure hunt can be a fun and challenging game for kids of all ages. Toss some small toys or coins into the pool and have the kids swim around to collect them. You can also create clues or riddles that lead to the treasure for added excitement.
  5. Underwater Racing Underwater racing can be a fun and exciting game for kids who are comfortable swimming underwater. Set up a course with objects, such as rings or toys, and have the kids race to collect them while swimming underwater. The player who collects the most objects in the shortest amount of time wins.

In conclusion, these five swimming games can add some fun and excitement to your family’s pool time in Singapore. From classic games like pool tag and Marco Polo to challenging races and treasure hunts, there’s a game for every age and skill level. So, grab your swimsuits and get ready for some family fun in the sun!

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