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SwimSafer Stage 3 | Singapore National Swim Certifications


SwimSafer Stage 3: Personal & Stroke Development Skills

During SwimSafer Stage 3, participants will learn advanced swimming strokes such as the butterfly stroke and breaststroke, as well as competitive swimming skills such as racing dives and turns. They will also learn to perform complex water skills such as survival strokes and how to swim long distances. In addition, participants will continue to develop their water safety knowledge and skills, with a strong emphasis on recognizing potential hazards and performing rescue techniques such as throwing assists.

SwimSafer Stage 3 also encourages participants to pursue lifelong learning and enjoyment of swimming, providing opportunities for competitive swimming and other aquatic activities. The program promotes the importance of regular physical exercise for overall health and fitness and reinforces the benefits of safe and responsible swimming behavior. Upon successful completion of Stage 3, participants will receive a certificate indicating their level of swimming proficiency and water safety knowledge, motivating them to continue their learning journey in swimming and promoting safer swimming practices. Join SwimSafer Stage 3 today to improve your swimming proficiency, promote lifelong enjoyment of swimming, and reinforce safe and responsible swimming behavior.

What is important?

  • Advanced Techniques
  • Competitive Skills
  • Fitness
  • Fitness
  • Water Safety
  • Lifelong Learning
SWIMSAFER™ 2.0 Assessments

SwimSafer Stage 3 Test Sequence



Perform the following sequence:
  •  50m continuously (25m front crawl, and 25m backstroke)

Sequence 3A (w/o goggles)

Perform the following sequence:
  • Enter the water with stride/straddle entry (in deep water)
  • Swim 25m survival backstroke then, 25m breaststroke
  • Scull head-first on the back for 5m and recover
  • Scull, float or tread for 50 sec Swim through hoops on pool bottom for 2m
  • Resurface and exit safely from pool

Sequence 3B (w/o goggles)

Dressed in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt demonstrate:
  • Swim 25m using survival backstroke or survival breaststroke to a PFD (face clear of water)
  • Correctly fit a PFD in water, swim 50m with PFD, then climb out of the water